Vendors have a choice when determining the most effective way to sell to Costco. Whether you choose to call on Costco directly, use a local rep or broker, a national rep or broker, or you choose ADW Acosta, this strategic decision is critical to your success with Costco and should be made on the basis of sales effectiveness, efficiency and cost.

ADW Acosta is a specialized sales and marketing organization that has served Costco exclusively since 1983. We employ approximately 180 full-time Costco specialists in 11 offices worldwide located in or adjacent to Costco’s corporate and regional offices.

Our greatest value to Costco is to consistently provide the most efficient sales contact available for the Costco buyers to do business with a vendor at no additional cost. Our long term experience, single customer focus, constant inter-office communications, professional customer service department and worldwide coverage enables our vendors to sell to Costco’s multiple domestic and international markets with a single sales organization in the most efficient manner possible.

We invite existing and prospective vendors to contact us in order to fully understand the depth of sales and services available to help you maximize your business opportunities with Costco.