Information Management

Proper preparation and clear communication are important for your product and program to be successful in Costco. As a conduit between Costco and you, ADW | Acosta makes sure everything runs smoothly from order management to payments.
  • Item execution and administration — receiving, proofing and transmitting orders, plus handling weekly shipping reports
  • On-time delivery and proper setup for high priority order
  • Information and data maintenance across all regional offices and buying departments
  • Management of logistics and interactions with Costco’s Inventory Control Specialists (VMI specialists where needed).
  • Portal access to purchase order reporting and vendor managed inventory
  • Address customer service issues from Costco’s member service department and quality assurance department and assist with complaint resolution
  • Respond to inquiries from warehouse personnel and corporate and regional buying staffs
  • Support Costco accounting in resolving debit balances, late payments and standard claim issues
  • Full suite of consumer and retailer research tools