Marketing & Strategy

With our in-depth knowledge of Costco’s merchandising strategies, we can help you develop products and marketing programs that meet the needs of Costco and their members. Because of our understanding of what Costco expects from products, packaging, marketing (end caps, demos, MVM, etc.) and shipments we can drive incremental growth for your products.


  • Development of strategic and effective marketing plans
  • Ability to showcase items to Costco buyers at ADW | Acosta on-site kitchens and product rooms
  • Expertise in the design of package and pallet configuration
  • Consultation about Kirkland Signature products
  • Vendor compliance, terms and conditions
  • Relevant marketing programs and research — expos, catalogs, cookbooks, and online monitoring of inventory buy-ins, product replenishment and ROI during promotions
  • Accrual and spend management system for demos, endcaps and multi-vendor mailers (MVMs) for advertising
  • Long and successful track record in Program and Product development